24 August 2013

Evil Angels?

Four more days. That's when the insane leeches leave. Provided there are no snafus with their departure. *crosses fingers*

(NB: I do not want to read this book. It's written by a conservative talk show host. But I liked the title.)

I have not wanted to turn this blog into a bitch fest. And that's all my life has been lately. Retreat into the bedroom with N and a glass of wine and avoid interacting with the crazies. Hide. Complain about their irresponsible, erratic, bizarre behaviors. Whine, bitch, moan, complain, kvetch, repeat.
N spoke to her retired best friend, D, yesterday. (Retired, you ask? That's a long story for another post.) D said maybe these two have come into our lives to bring us together, give us a close encounter with that which we don't want to become. Uncommunicative, isolating, selfish, irresponsible, anti-social. Having the leeches here has given us a close look into another world, really. (And honestly, we think there's something straight-up wrong with these people.)
Life has been challenging for N and me over the past year; communication has been less than stellar. But since her return from CA, we're talking more, connecting in a way that we haven't in quite a while. Sure, we have physical hurdles to overcome. But I feel much better about where we are as couple, and she does too. She told me. See? We're talking!
I am glad to have a new perspective and outlook. I feel like our relationship has had a reboot. And things can really only get better with time. Bottom line? I still want the fucking leeches gone.

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  1. Just a test see if I can comment from my computer. I am so glad you communicating properly again, everything else will fall back into place for you now that hurdle overcome.