29 August 2013

Free to be...you and me

I'm not sure many people can say this, but I love my health insurance. We have a fabulous program that basically gives us free therapy. Once a month, on average, I have an hour phone call with an "intrinsic life coach," (stupid name, I know), and I talk about myself. Awesome! Usually, though, it's all about how I suck. But this past call was different. I started off the hour by berating myself for not getting shit done this summer and how I was ├╝ber-stressed about this year, blah blah blah. A rant filled with shoulds and musts and needs. And C, my voice of reason, pointed out that I was talking all about doing things. Stuff, lists, tasks, goals. I took a (mental) step back and realized, hey, you're not a shitty person. You might have issues, but you're not a bad human being. And it's OK to just be. It's like, hell, I should be able to just go for a run and not measure time, or calories, or miles. Just fucking put on your shoes and go because you want to.
I want to believe I'm awesome. Can I succeed? Want to help?

1 comment:

  1. Yes you are awesome, yes you can succeed. I don't know what help I can be but you got all I can give.