30 August 2013

Retail therapy

I'm in a shitty mood. It's Friday. I have money in the bank. Let's go shopping.
I am a localvore as often as I can be. But sometimes even I can't deny the fact that I have found the perfect gifts online (for myself, or for others; giving goes both ways!). Here's where I go to avoid places like Amazon.

My first stop for fabulous ethical gifts is Hearts.com. Every single thing I have purchased from here, for myself or for others, has been a huge hit. They have incredible jewelry, my favorite of which is the Peacebomb bracelet.  Their packaging is thoughtful and memorable, which makes the experience that much more special.

Yesterday my Vegan Cuts snack box arrived. It made me the happiest girl ever. Once a month, a box of fun and edible vegan surprises arrives at my door. This can absolutely turn a frown upside-down.  Over the summer they added a beauty box, which is on my wish list. Vegan Cuts is a great site to begin with, full of amazing vegan products, ranging from munchies to accessories to beauty care. Beyond fantastic.

Choices, choices! Which Alex Woo pendant will be mine? The lion, because I'm a Leo? The dove, because I believe in peace? The donkey, because I'm a hard-core Democrat? The rabbit, because N's nickname has to do with bunnies? The bee, because proceeds go to protect honeybees? These are not rhetorical questions, people! I need an answer!

If you wear glasses and haven't yet checked out Warby Parker, you need your brain examined; it's a must for those bespeckled fashionistas and stylin' guys. Order (free of charge) up to five pairs of glasses online and they arrive at your door within days. Try them on, take pictures, ask your friends; change hair style, try them on, take pictures, ask your friends; repeat. Five days later, you mail them back. Free shipping both ways. Then, you order on the site, again, with free shipping. Plus, they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair they sell. This is a no-brainer, y'all.

These are my new WP babies (style is Duckworth)

If Pinterest and online shopping had a love child, it would be Open Sky. You can follow people, like products, leave comments and find some really cool shit. Their emails alert me to really fabulous products in all categories. You can find great deals on a whole variety of things. Too much fun here!
My current Open Sky shopping cart

When I'm not shopping for myself, which is actually quite often (I am a generous Leo, after all!), I turn to Uncommon Goods. Between portable ping pong tables and Gummy Bear nightlights for my nephews, rock salt tequila shooters for my brother-in-law and a cute little dish made out of birthstone-colored glass for my best friend, I have hit the jackpot over and over with this place. Start now for holiday shopping sanity.

Shop now, thank me later.


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    1. At least someone is paying attention--I knew I could count on you!

  2. Well I like the bee, but the dove would make a second choice.

  3. Personally, i think GlassesShop is the greatest place for getting quality glasses. It lets customers scroll through hundreds of options and styles in different colors.