12 August 2013

Yes, I'm a Leo

When my birthday rolls around in the beginning of August, I always get excited. I'm like a kid before Christmas. It's because I'm a Leo. And boy, am I a Leo. But this birthday was a let-down. Well, this whole summer has been a let down. Let's thing about this for a minute and reflect on this Leo profile. I have high expectations but I'm not exactly spoiled...well, this hits the nail on the head now, doesn't it? I just want to know that I am loved. And, as shallow as it might sound, this comes in the form of cards and jewelry, letters, clothes and flowers. So far, those closest to me have let me down. Next: depression coming from within? Like I didn't already know that...I am my own worst enemy. I get so pissed at myself and can't find the emotional or mental energy to change that. Well, game over. I'm taking control. Let's see, how much of what's on my "to-do" list have I accomplished this summer? Hmmmm...none!! Food and exercise? Not on point. Saving money? HA! I know how I operate without a schedule...not well. But I am about to show my life who's boss. And it's me. So take that, fucker. It's not 15-love anymore, life. It's 15-all. Game on.

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