23 September 2013

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

You get the theme yet?

We've scratched the surface of my must-have H&BA products. Now onto the next A-list: clothes. Top five essentials of my wardrobe. This list could keep growing, but I've got shit to do and you've got better things to read...

V-neck T-shirts
Paired with jeans, plaid shorts, bright khakis, cute skirt, there is no way to fuck up these Penguin Bing v-necks. I ordered one in black and had to order more for back-up. And then more colors appear on the website. Now there's hunter green and plum? Oy...
(Side note: You should also get your hands on this Penguin Veronica polo. The contrasting satin details add sass to the class of a polo. Timeless.)

V-neck sweater
I'm a sucker for V-necks. Give me a button-down and a V-neck sweater and I'm a happy, conservatively-dressed liberal. I ordered this Lacoste V-neck in off-white while on the search for the perfect white sweater. Not the shade I was looking for, but a great sweater nonetheless. A very close second is one I bought from the Gap last year, but of course I can't find it again! Damn it!

Take the items listed in the above listing and hand me some cute kicks, and I'm ready for casual Friday. (Who am I kidding? Every day at my job is casual Friday. People wear sweatpants to work. I can't even...but I digress.) I have worn Converse All-Stars for 20 years. My favorite were a pair of purple lo-tops that went all over the world with me, literally. I eventually had to throw them out when I stepped in a puddle and water soaked my sock. And while it makes sad that they are so hip right now, because that means they will be out of style soon, I still love them, and will probably continue to wear them. But I have them in multiple colors, and my brown lo-tops are a staple.
A couple of years ago, when I was in Santa Cruz, CA, I bought a pair of Vans and a pair of Simple sneakers. I love them both. And then N bought me a pair of Hello Kitty Vans (and I love them--judge all you want). Great black sneaks.

What a find. I don't know what I do without these Ann Taylor camisoles. An extra layer with a button-down half-buttoned, a main layer under a short-sleeved sweater, layered under a lighter sweater in fall. These are a guaranteed win, no matter what the desired look or weight of the accompanying clothing.

Black pants
Every wardrobe needs at least three perfect pairs of black pants: dressy, casual, and jeans. Just this weekend, I found the last. Read on to learn more.
For dressy, I adore my curvy fit Talbots pants. I have hips, so it's not always easy for me to find nice pants that are not too hip-hugging. The Talbots curvy line is a life-saver. These pants fall perfectly. Love at first zip.
I just found my favorite pair of black khakis. I stumbled upon these at the Gap the other day, a drunk impulse buy (don't you love those?). They fit perfectly, but they are a little long. I will go back at get several more pairs, but in short length as opposed to regular (and I'm 5'7! Whaaat?!).
Finally, this weekend, I hit up my local Levi's store for black skinny jeans. Jeans are just not something I'm willing to purchase online. My waist to hip ratio is such that I MUST feel for myself how everything falls. So after spending faculty meeting time researching skinny jeans for girls with curves, I took the plunge. Let's give Levi's a shot. I got to the store and lo and behold, the quirky sales associate knew what she was talking about, and I walked out a happy girl. These jeans are not too tight in the ass, and they don't gap in the waist. Perfect length, and just enough stretch. Levi's 512 skinny. Go get some.

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