12 September 2013

Put the bottle down

No, not the wine bottle, you'll want that.

I'm talking about the dressing. NO ONE should EVER put bottled dressing on their salad. Such disrespect to the greens. (For more about greens, check out this post.)

(see my Instagram, skinnybetch78, for more food porn)

My solutions?

If you want to keep things simple
1. Vinegar. End of story. The top two in my book right now are ume plum and white balsamic. These are gifts from the culinary gods. Rice wine and white wine are also good back-ups. But there's nothing like massaged red and green kale, spritzed with EVOO during the massage, and a couple of shakes of white balsamic with freshly ground black pepper. It's life-changing.
2. Lemon juice. There's nothing like fresh squeezed lemon juice over arugula. There are no words.

If you're feeling a little edgy
Raw, fermented ginger carrots. Too fucking good.

When you want a major treat
You have two options here. Either make a batch of Choosing Raw zucchini dressing or OMGivenchy's lemon tahini dressing. These make me feel like I'm getting away with something naughty. But my salads (and my hips) thank me.

Now, go drink some wine and make a salad.


  1. Nice dressing tips. Not sure if I can get all the ideas out here in nowheresville though XD

    1. You told me to turn to Google earlier today, you need to follow your own advice! It's an amazing tool....and you shouldn't go another day without ume plum vinegar. xoxo

  2. Grr, I would have to import from USA or Germany it seems and that makes it very costly. I will double check at my local wholefood shop next time I am in they do keep surprising em with that they can locate.