15 September 2013

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Let's get down to business. I want to share some of my favorite beauty products with you. The items on this A-list are game-changers, so listen carefully. (A-list? Get it?)
Here's the line-up: EO, Moroccanoil, Aubrey, Tarte, Zuzu, Body Time, Kiss My Face.
NB: I am a citrus girl. For years I wore Clinique Happy, and am still on the search for a CF replacement (if you have thoughts, please let me know!). You will see that most of my choices that involve scent will be citrus-based.

I have always struggled with a fear of stink. In high school, my hormones were so out of wack I used to sweat quite a bit. TMI, I know...I'll leave it at that. I have had to take prescription medication for hyperhidrosis, but I'm trying to kick all of my prescription meds to the curb (though I won't deny there's always a little part of me that wants to xanny or addy my thoughts away). So what's a girl to do? I've tried so many deodorant products out there and I keep thinking, "Well, I guess this will have to do." But I found one that keeps me from smelling like a high school locker room and having wet pit stains, even when my classroom heats up to almost 90 degrees.
My savior
This EO spray deodorant has saved my life. I never thought I would find something that satisfied my cosmetic needs as well as my olfactory palate. Yes, it stings a little on freshly-shaven skin, but I'll take that over nasty-ass BO.

One word: Moroccanoil. N bought some oil a while back and I love all of the products. Shampoo, conditioner, frizz control, curl enhancer, hair mask and oil. When I straighten my hair in the winter, the oil smooths and gives to-die-for shine.
The Moroccanoil line-up chez moi
You will not regret this purchase if you decide to buy any of these items. If you choose just one, make it the Moroccanoil Treatment. Your hair will never feel the same. (Be sure not to pull an OMGivenchy and drop your phone on a hardwood floor after applying said oil. That would be tragic)

Eye cream
Since trying to make most of my bathroom CF, I have frequently turned to Aubrey products. I must admit, a lot of their products do not stay on my shelf. They just aren't effective enough. There is one, however, that I have deemed sacred. I have an irrational fear of under-eye bags. And since I have removed Clinique from my dressing table, I have been trying everything under the sun. But I stumbled across Lumessence from Aubrey at my co-op. It's thick enough without being greasy, and you only need a smidge. It is the last thing I apply to my face at night and my eyes always feel wonderful.

Do not allow the bags under your
eyes to be bigger than your purse.

EO makes its second appearance on my list in this section, but  Kiss My Face and Body Time also grace us with their presence. 

N bought this Kiss My Face lotion, an antioxidant formula with vitamins A and E. She didn't like it; she said it was too thick. So I took her cast-offs. And I really like it. Yes, it's pretty thick, but it's nice for my legs and torso. I tend not to put scented lotion on those areas (for some reason, I feel like I need to "ration" the smell), so this is a nice way to soothe rough knees and feet.
I was a long-time Lubriderm user, until I decided to try products that were more natural. I've played around with a lot, and Body Time keeps reappearing on my shelf. My current favorite is their vitamin C body lotion. A little goes a long way, and it will be wonderful way to keep skin soft in the dry Vermont winter.
Finally, I saw this EO lotion on sale at my local co-op. I'm a sucker for H&BA on sale, but it was a bonus when I saw it was the same company that makes my life-changing deodorant. $10 for this big ol' thing. And I love it. Not greasy, not too thick, and a wonderful, light fragrance. Very excited for this lotion.
(Funny side note: when I came home from the store one day, I was putting away some purchases and noticed that I had previously bought some EO liquid soap for the shower in the same scent, same size. Great minds think alike.)

Re-enter Operation Replace Clinique. For almost 20 years Clinique has been my make-up of choice (thanks, Mom). So when I went vegan and started looking for CF products. I did a lot of research and learned about Tarte, which Sephora carries. A Sephora opened up in JC Penney's after they had to re-do the store post-flooding. I spent some quality time examining the Tarte shelf. (You have to take what you can get in rural NH and I want to test make-up out before I buy, so I avoid first-time on-line purchases for beauty products.) I decided on the Amazonian foundation. I bought light, as I'm quite fair. It has SPF 15, which is a bonus. While it's not as full-coverage as my past foundations (Clinique and L'Oreal), I like what it does. I still have to use cover-up on my my blemishes, which are increasing in number now that I am no longer on the pill. I use more of this foundation than I would have had to previously, but it's a nice weight and goes on smoothly. (Side note: I am waiting on a CC cream to come from Juice Beauty, and I'm sure I will have lots to say about that.)

I have finally learned how to do my eye make-up in a satisfactory way. I used to just use eye pencils and "pretend" was putting on eye make-up. But after YouTube videos, visual tutorials and a shitload of experimentation, I love the looks I can create now. I no longer look like a drag queen who primped in the dark or a little girl playing at her mother's dressing table. While I don't use it all the time, liquid eyeliner can really enhance my green eyes and give an alluring appearance. I purchased three Zuzu Luxe liquid eyeliners after deciding I wanted to play around with my eyes. I chose Black Pearl, Tuareg and Luxor.
So many choices
As a fair-complected blonde I don't like to put too much dark around my eyes, as I just end up looking haggard and washed-out. I usually opt for gray or brown. For the most part, I match my eye make-up to my glasses and outfits. If I'm wearing black, I lean towards grayer shades. My tortoiseshell specs allow me to play with my eyes a little more, but I would never wear brown with my mauve glasses. But these three shades complement my complexion and wardrobe really nicely. Black Pearl is smoky without being deathly, Tuareg has a hint of yellow and olive, and Luxor is a fun, shimmery copper. I have had a lot of fun messing around with these and don't look like a cheap whore.

For some tips on experimentation with eyeliner, check out this Buzzfeed list.

Eye shadow
Operation Replace Clinique, take three. As I continued to discover the joys of make-up, I found eye shadow allows for so much subtly. If I'm going out, I'll go for something more intense and dramatic. But as a teacher in rural Vermont, I don't want to look overdone. (I so should be living in a city.) At Sephora, this Tarte eye shadow palette caught my eye.
Refillable eye shadow kit
The case I have isn't nearly as gaudy as this one, but the contents are similar. The colors are warm, muted and classic. And I just learned that you can replace each color block. So when my ivory and peach wear out long before the mauve, I can drop a new square in and continue to use the magnetic close case. The brushes that came with the set are perfect: a long, soft applicator for over the lid and under the brow, and shorter bristles for just on the lid and in the crease. I use this on a daily basis (occasionally supplemented with more intense colors from an E.L.F set I picked up at TJ Maxx) and enjoy mixing and matching shades to complement my outfit and my mood. I have not been disappointed with this purchase, and will continue to return to Tarte for simple and timeless shades.

As I write this, I ponder the whereabouts of my Juice Beauty order (I bought the Organic to Clear Skin 30-day kit). It has shipped, and I eagerly await the moment I can review my newly purchased skin-care products.

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  1. It is when I read about intensive beauty regimes like this that I do think, "thank goodness I am a man!" Although, I will admit I do use a moisturiser when I can remember to, but it is a real manly one that can stop bullets and deflect lasers and so forth.