28 September 2013


Sometimes it takes getting away from yourself to rediscover what's important.
I am traveling for the weekend, escaping and reconnecting. I am in Canada for a friend's wedding. Not a friend with whom I am very close, but I rarely pass up the opportunity to dress up and go somewhere. And I can't wait to see her tomorrow. She is a wonderful person, and I am honored to be able to share this day with her.
This weekend, I am afforded the chance to re-center myself, spend some quality time with N and enjoy life. There's nothing like the simple things, driving down a road I've never traveled, seeing amazing fall colors and having incredible Vietnamese food (which we never get to have), to make me appreciate life.
Sure, my life is fucked up. But right now, in this moment, I'm really, really happy.
Go do something different. Get out of your comfort zone and find yourself. Love you, mean it.

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  1. Glad you having a great weekend, I don't think your life is that badly fucked up when you have so many good friends in it :P