15 September 2013

Save the Cakes

Want to know what makes a betch happy? Rice cakes. (Rice cakes = Lundberg's organic brown rice or wild rice cakes. None of that sketchy, GMO-laden Quaker crap.) Throw a little almond butter or tahini stirred with lemon into the mix and your day will no doubt improve. (When feeling extra dangerous, get out some Jem cinnamon red maca almond butter, or even better, some 5-minute raw caramel. There are no words.)
Want to know what makes a betch sad? Taking a bite of rice cake and finding it chewy, gummy and soft. No crunch=sad A. No crumbs=sad Boo. And I can't infringe on my dog's right to clean up after me. Vermont summers can be quite humid and too many times this summer I turned to munch on a rice cake, only to find them stale. This even happened with unopened packages
What's a betch to do? Thus began the great Save the Cakes campaign. I searched online and locally to find the perfect stave-off-staleness rice cake container. (Don't even talk to me about Ziplocs.) Low and behold, TJ Maxx did not let me down, quelle surprise.

$7.99. Clear, airtight containers with bamboo lids. I now own five of these. (One will live at school.) And while I would have loved glass, these BPA-free containers will have to do. And they are doing the job. Crunchy rice cakes once again. All is right in the world.

But, when a betch discovers there's a crack in one of the containers, she knows there's no problem minion duct tape can't solve.


  1. Soggy rice cakes are as abhorrent to nature as vacuums!

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