18 September 2013


I can't deny I'm pretty happy today. I don't know if I'll ever get to a point where the number on the scale doesn't mean anything. But it was the lowest it's been in years. And I'm over the moon.
So, what did I do as a result? Take photos of myself! I decided to don my horizontal striped shirt. Not the best look for everyone, but I said screw it. I'm pretty happy with today's outfit, which is often a reflection of my mood.
I may not be the richest girl out there, but I buy what I like and that makes me happy.
(Don't you like the elementary school bathroom background?)

Shirt: Old Navy
Camisole: Old Navy
Jeans: Nine West
Sandals: FitFlops
Bracelets: Hearts.com, Gap
Ring: JH Breakell
Necklace: Britta Ambauen (through Ethical Ocean)
Nails: OPI Bogota Blackberry (hands), Zoya Noel (toes)
Phone Case: Kate Spade
Glasses: Warby Parker

1 comment:

  1. Looking yum! Love the nail polishes, burgundy and dark blue?