22 October 2013

Give me all the things...for free

Who doesn't love free shit? I'm a teacher, so I need to get as much as I can without paying for it!
Cue giveaways. I'm in love with giveaways. They make me happier than. My addiction began last spring when I won $250 towards Ethical Ocean. Wicked big score.
Last week I truly was a Lucky Skinny Betch. I won TWO giveaways in 48 hours. Awesome, right?
First came on a Sunday night. I got a "Congratulations" email after a long day in the yard. I was the winner in Sass Not Class' Flaunt Shop giveaway. Winner, me? Really?!

Adorable things!

Now I will admit, I've spent time on The Flaunt Shop's website and Instagram. I've thought their shirts and dresses were cute but, c'mon, let's be real. I live in Vermont. My town has 3,500 people. And it's October (hit 32 degrees last night), so I can't say sundresses are on my mind right now with a snowy winter predicted. So what's a fashion-conscious rural Vermonster to do? Get some super cute boots and an adorable sweater. Happy betch right here.

Two days later, I discovered Zoya Nail Polish's #tunestues. So much fun. They give you a song lyric and you have to find the connection between the song or the artist and one of their polish colors. Brilliant. Played at the 3 PM round for the first time, and thanks to OneRepublic's song "Counting Stars," I won the fabulous shade of pink, Stars. And if that weren't enough, I got to choose a second color! Enter Tiffany.

L: Stars, R: Tiffany


So now I'm holding my breath for the next three big giveaways: SoFlaGrlProbz's latest Fall Into Giveaways with Mary Beth Goodwin Designs, Bombshell Wife Life's fall giveaway and Sugar-Free Mom's 2-year blog anniversary giveaway. Wish me luck!


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  1. Okay with your luck you definitely need to be entering giveaways for transatlantic flights or large amounts of money :)