03 October 2013

The S Word

Last night, when I got home at 8:45, my anxiety level shot through the roof. I was paralyzed and didn't know what to do...
I didn't have a green smoothie in the freezer for this morning's breakfast.
I have become so reliant on these amazing concoctions that if I don't have one to start my day, my who alignment is fucked up.
So, despite utter exhaustion and a complete lack of energy, I ponied up and made two smoothies for today and tomorrow. And a wave of relief washed over me.

Normally Sunday is my smoothie prep day. I will make anywhere between six and 10 for me, and three or four for N. I use 20 ounce mason jars. I put one in the fridge for Monday, and then store the rest in the freezer. I will then try to put one in the fridge in the morning for the following day, but I usually forget; what normally happens is when I am prepping tea at night for the next morning, I will set my smoothie out on the counter to thaw. I've gotten it down to where it takes me less than an hour to make enough for the week, and I know that even if I'm throwing together food for the rest of my meals, my breakfast is taken care of, and it's a kick-ass start to my day. (NB: I attribute a huge part of my 30 pound weight loss and 6 month maintenance to my regular consumption of green smoothies.)
My machine of choice is my Vita-Mix CIA blender. My life changed after this purchase. I use it multiple times a week, and it just makes me really, really happy. Vitamix refurbishes old machines, so if the price is daunting, check out their other options.
K, enough BS. What do I put in my elixirs?

Le duh. #1 choice is kale (usually lacinato), but I also add collards, chard or, occasionally, spinach.

This varies, depending on what I have on the counter or in the freezer. Last night I used frozen mixed berries, mango and an apple (all organic...need you ask?). I love to throw all kinds of berries in, or I will often put tropical fruits in to sweeten things up. I do not usually add bananas, because I find the banana flavor too strong and it takes over. Grapes are an amazing natural sweetener. I NEVER add sugar or honey or agave or even stevia. I like to keep things pure.

I avoid using non-dairy milks in my smoothies, unless I want a real treat. I love my smoothies how I make them, so I'd rather not add extra calories. I used to use O.N.E flavored coconut water (mango or guava), until I realized that the third ingredient is sugar. No, thanks. On occasion I will still use O.N.E plain coconut water, but my new favorite is green tea. I will brew it on Sunday morning to use in the evening when I get caught up in my blending tornado. I will usually use 12 ounces or so of tea, and then supplement it with filtered water if I need more liquid.

One tablespoon of each per smoothie:
Chia seeds How do vegans get their protein? Yeah, nice try...
Ground flax Probably the most "noticeable" thing in my smoothies, but it keeps me "healthy!"
Kelp powder This is a recent addition. Very happy with my switch from kelp granules to powder.
Omega gel My supplement for omegas. I use Barlean's pomegranate blueberry.
Green powder I recently switched from NutriCology to Vibrant Health. I just liked the ingredients more.

Bottoms up, betches!

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