05 October 2013

What little girls are made of

Let's talk sweets.
I have a weakness for desserts. Yes, it's diminished since I started eating less refined sugar. But I still love good chocolate, or a fabulous baked good. Here are some of my faves...

Deep-dish cookie pie, Chocolate Covered Katie
Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie

This is incredible. I will admit that N doesn't like it. Chocolate Covered Katie uses garbanzo beans in some of her recipes. (N calls her site Chocolate Covered Garbanzo.) This makes for a pie that seems slightly undercooked. That's the way I like my cookies and such, but N likes hers on the crispier side.
(NB: CCK is my go-to site for amazing desserts. And she has the best vegan waffle recipe out there. And her coconut breakfast cake is ridiculous. To make a long story short, CCK is my hero.)

Raw caramel sauce, The Delicious Revolution

I fed this to some colleagues, and called it sex on a spoon. It's beyond amazing. I made it for the first time when some friends were visiting from Michigan. They left with a half-pint of it. I always have it on hand. One spoonful satisfies any sweet tooth. Put it on ice cream, and it hardens, like Magic Shell. And it's beyond. The important part is timing: be sure you blend it for five minutes.

Raw chocolate and salted caramel cake, Oh, Ladycakes
Photo: Oh, Ladycakes
We eat a lot at work. A lot. During my first year at my current school, my mother told me that she didn't think working here was good for my waistline. (This is coming from the same woman who once told me, when I was walking ahead of her up some stairs, "Either you need to go to the gym more, or you need to stop wearing those pants." My mother does not mince words.) Every Friday people bring in food, and every month we have a birthday party. Since becoming vegan and reducing the amount of refined sugar I consume, I eat a lot less here at school. But, if I sign up to bring food for something, I'm certainly going to bring something I can eat. So last year, I tried this cake and people really liked it. An important thing to note is that it makes a very, very, VERY small cake. I made the layers flatter, and only made two instead of three, so I could get a cake with a wider circumference.

Raw carrot cake, This Rawsome Vegan Life
Photo: This Rawsome Vegan Life

Giveaways have become my life. Contests are my world. I think it's because early on in my contest obsession I won a gift certificate to Ethical Ocean for voting in a vegan dessert contest. (It set the bar too high, and I haven't won anything since. Boo.) After winning the contest, I decided I'd better make the recipe for the cake for which I voted! I made this for a breakfast event at work. I am the only vegan at my work, but the cake was very popular. And carrot cake is my favorite.

Individual carrot cake, Chocolate Covered Katie
Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie
Did I mention that carrot cake is my favorite? I know I've already sung CCK's praises, but this recipe deserves its own mention. It's too good to lump in with the other CCK recipes listed above. 5 minutes, that's all this takes. And for a carrot cake lover who loves a carrot cake hater, this recipe completes me. And her healthy cream cheese frosting is the perfect accompaniment.

I know you want some of this now. So get your ass in to the kitchen. And then treat yourself to a green smoothie tomorrow morning.


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