12 November 2013

Food coma

I ate my way through this weekend. 4 days, 8 recipes, lots of dates, chick peas and coconut oil. I'm fucking exhausted.

Let's recap.
(Note: I am posting the recipes in the order in which I cooked them, not in order of deliciousness!)

Sausage and veggie calzones (Olives for Dinner)

I took some liberties with this recipe. There weren't enough veggies for me, so I added spinach and red bell pepper to the mix.

I also used whole wheat flour, because white flour gives me the heebie jeebies. (The crust was a little dry, so I have to work on that.) I probably should have brushed/sprayed them with olive oil before baking.
 Finally, I didn't want to use jarred sauce, so I just chopped some tomatoes and replaced the sauce with that. Had I thought far enough in advance, I would have roasted the tomatoes and used that in place of sauce. But whatever, do what you want.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, pizza is the thing I miss most as a vegan. Faux cheese just doesn't do it for me on pizza. But I think I found my new go-to in this recipe. This mozzarella is pretty great. Now to try it on actual pizza instead of shoved in a pocket.
I am not the best calzone maker. I have the same issues with burritos. I overstuff. But I'm not always going for looks, I'm going for taste. And despite the aesthetically-displeasing appearance of this meal, I was pretty satisfied with the outcome, for my tastebuds. Served with a side of high-quality organic marinara or homemade pizza sauce, yum.


Faux crab cakes (The Bold Vegan)

Served on a bed of massaged red kale sprinkled with ume plum vinegar. The perfect accompaniment.

These were not as cakey as I would have liked.  I can only assume this was user error. Nonetheless, the flavor was excellent.
As you can see, they kind of fell apart once I put them in the pan. Perhaps the pan was too small? The very first picture was the closest to a cake as I could get, so we'll just stick with that. Still, as a crumbly mess, it was pretty damn tasty.

Girl Scout Larabars (Chocolate Covered Katie)

I am never buying Larabars again. These are too damn good. And easy. And good. (And CCK has so many variations, I'll never be the same.) That is all.

Chocolate cream caramel bars (This Rawsome Vegan Life)

I was blown away with this recipe. It was quite simple but really intense. So rich, so flavorful, so perfect.

I think even N, who is skeptical of all of my raw desserts, will like this. (When I mention a dessert recipe now, she invariably asks two questions. 1-Is it cooked? 2-Are there garbanzo beans in it?)

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls (Chocolate Covered Katie)

Xylitol is not my friend. Too bitter, too....icky.
That being said, these guys were yummy. A little dry, a little undercooked (again, most likely user error)., but I'll still eat them. And I gave them to some (omnivore) friends, who also enjoyed.

Things I will change:
1-Read the recipe all the way through before starting (I noticed a theme here this weekend...). I added 5 T flour to the innards...I didn't realize this flour was for when I was to roll out the dough. D'oh! (Insert Homer Simpson voice here.)
2-Add a little Earth Balance to the pumpkin purée innards. This might make them a little more cinnamon roll ooey-gooey yummy.
3-Brush the top with Earth Balance. I think this would give them a browner, crisper top.
4-Cook them longer. My oven sucks, so they weren't brown as I would have liked.
5-Find a different way to frost them. I tried CCK's "sugar-free powdered sugar" and came to the conclusion that xylitol sucks. I threw all of it away that afternoon. Bitter aftertaste and not too yum-in-my-tum. I have heard interesting things about Swerve Sweetener, which is made out of erythriol; it might be next on my list. I've read it's not as bitter as xylitol, so I might give it a shot. There's also malitol, so I'll be experimenting with alternative powdered sugar options. I'll keep y'all posted. (NB: I try to use natural sweeteners as much as possible, staying away from refined sugars. But every now and then, I just need something that tastes like sugar. Enter search here.)

Pumpkin risotto (Balanced Platter)
"Wow, this shit's amazing." Literally the first words out of my mouth after tasting this, as it was still steaming in the slow cooker. I piled a heaping serving of this next to a side of massaged green kale drizzled with white wine vinegar and had a feast. (Because I had such a massive amount of this, I passed some along to a friend. She called me later to tell me she thought it was incredible.)

I had some thoughts while preparing this, despite the epic final product.
I have decided I hate dealing with pumpkin. First of all, I got my knife stuck in the damn thing and was convinced I was going to slice my hand off trying to get it out. And what do you do with all of the stringy stuff inside? Keep it? Try to scoop it out? (Guaranteed fail.) Slice it off once you cut open the pumpkin? I still don't know the answer. Nonetheless, homemade pureed pumpkin is 8000 times better than canned. And wicked easy, once you cut open the damn pumpkin, all digits intact, and wrestle with the seeds and innards.

Boston cream pie (The Lunch Box Bunch)
Oh my fucking God, I'm sorry, but if there's anyone who tastes this and doesn't immediately fall in love, well, there's something wrong with them.

I soaked my cashews (which, I will admit, were roasted and salted, but were so old they were practically mush anyway) and used brown rice syrup as my sweetener for the base. I used semi-sweet dairy-free chocolate chips for the top, and added a couple of drops of NuNaturals stevia to them when I heated it with the coconut oil.
I put it in the fridge for about 1/2 hour before I tasted the final product. The chocolate hardened like Magic Shell, which just made the whole thing perfect.

"Jesus Christ." The words I muttered as I put my dish into the dishwasher after serving #2.

Chickpea pot pie (Ricki Heller)

I cheated on this recipe. I ate some of the pie filling before I baked it. OK, just two spoonfuls, but it was too tasty! How could you pass up tasting this?!

The one thing I forgot to get at the store for this insane cook-fest was celery, which I needed for this recipe. So I thew in some celery seed (always have that on hand for bloody Marys!). And, N's least favorite spice is dill, so we didn't have any of that, either. Enter rubbed sage.

Can't say these two substitutions affected the crazy yumminess of this recipe. This is a keeper. (And a freezer!) I can now get my pot pie fix any time I want.

Now back to your regularly scheduled green smoothies.



  1. In a word, "Nom." Now I know it is not a real word but I am going to use it anyway, so there!

  2. Damn! I'm so bummed the crab cakes fell apart. I updated the recipe. These should be much more caky. http://boldvegan.com/wp-admin/post.php
    Your weekend looked awesome, btw. Molly