06 November 2013

Let's get cookin'!

I'm alone for the next week. That means my vegan chef can come out to play, and she's running out with gloves on. My kitchen had better be ready for the hurricane that's about to hit.
Here's what I'm going to be stirring up:

Photo: Fat Free Vegan
Red chili rice with black beans and dried tofu (Fat Free Vegan): I've had some dried soy on my shelf ever since it came in my Vegan Cuts snack box. Now I have the perfect recipe for it! Can't wait for something warm and spicy.

Photo: The Balanced Platter
Creamy Crock Pot pumpkin risotto (The Balanced Platter): So many pumpkins! We had four volunteer pumpkins in our garden this year. I have made an amazing lemon pumpkin soup with two of them (load up the freezer!), but I still have two more. Here's what I will do with at least one of them.

Photo: Olives for Dinner
Homemade vegan sausage and cheese calzones (Olives for Dinner): I think the one thing I miss most now that I'm vegan is pizza. I know how to make substitutes, but sometimes they just aren't the same. So let's see how these pan out, and if they can satisfy me! (Best non-vegan calzones in the world? Old Venice Pizza Company in Oxford, MS. Spinach and feta. *sigh*)

Photo: The Bold Vegan
Vegan crab cakes with balsamic mayo (The Bold Vegan): Crab cakes, YUM! I had the most amazing sea cakes at Real Food Daily in LA when I was there in July. Ridiculous. There are no words. But hopefully, these will come in a close second (since I live in Vermont and have no desire to go back to LA, except to experience the culinary amazingness that is Real Food Daily).

Photo: Ricki Heller
Chickpea pot pie (Ricki Heller): I love pot pies. Chicken pot pie was my most frequently craved dinner as a little girl. Now I'm eager to try this revised version. And since N can't stand anything pot pie-like, now's the perfect opportunity to get my fix.

This where the awesome stuff is.

Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie
Girl Scout Larabars (Chocolate Covered Katie): Despite my undying love for Larabars, I'm trying to reduce the a amount of pre-packaged food I consume. I decided I should make some of my own to cut down on waste! And samoas are the best ever...
PS-Larabars are NOT GMO, as I previously wrote.

Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie
Chocolate fudge pudding cake (Chocolate Covered Katie): Who doesn't love chocolate?! Ridiculousness in a bowl right there.

Photo: The Kind Life
Vegan baklava (Peta, via The Kind Life): We have some friends coming for dinner in a few weeks, and they just had us to their place. They were less than psyched about cooking a vegan meal and the wife was most upset with how her dessert came out. I will try to turn things around for her!

Photo: Lunch Box Bunch
Boston Cream Pie (Lunch Box Bunch): While searching around my Pinterest vegan dessert board, I came across this. But I already have so many desserts to make. Well, I guess I'll just keep going.

And then I saw this:

Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie
Pumpkin cinnamon rolls (Chocolate Covered Katie): I have more pumpkin, right?!

Am I going to get to any of my other chores this weekend?

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  1. Sounds like my kinda menu!! So many yummy dishes to try. Thanks so much for linking to the pot pie--I hope you like it! :)