23 November 2013

Ooh, gifts!

'Tis the season!

I love buying things for people. Here's what's on my list for people this year. (For other ideas, check out this previous post.)

My niece and nephews: toy advent calendars.
Lego advent calendar, from Amazon

Two nephews will be parading around with the Star Wars Lego edition, and two other nephews are receiving more traditional Legos in their advent calendar. These have been hard to come by so I had to resort to Amazon this year. I think my niece is going to love her Playmobil calendar. (And if they're getting these wicked cool calendars, can I have the Sephora advent calendar? I know it's sold out, but I'm sure someone can track it down...)

I  have a nephew whose birthday is in early December. He has everything in the world (his dad's a venture capitalist...need I say more?), so what the hell do I get him? This.
Classic Simon, from Think Geek.

I was going to get my mother this fabulous custom sand bracelet from Uncommon Goods,

but my father did some recon and rediscovered her total jewelry snobism. Oh, well.

Even though I didn't draw my mother's name, I had a plan for her. I am completely in love with these Invisibelts.

They save my life! No more bulky belt buckles under thin sweaters. So I will most likely give these to my mother for Valentine's Day.

I drew my dad's name in the Christmas gift exchange and he's a pain in the ass to shop for. So I decided to turn to my FAVORITE EVER for gifts: Uncommon Goods. Check them out. Right now.
K, now that you're back, here's what I'm toying around with getting him. Just a matter of choosing which one. He's a mega-gardner, so something silly for the garden. (Plus a donation to a local charity.)
Stupid garden sculptures, from Uncommon Goods

OK, here's the splurge.
Jaybird Bluebuds X wireless headphones
These Jaybird wireless headphones came highly recommended by this Huffington Post article on the best headphones for running. I am sick and tired of wires getting in the way of things no matter what I'm doing (running, gardening, whatever), so both N and I are going to get a pair of these. Can't wait!

Also for N (though probably from my SIL, since we do a one-to-one Christmas gift exchange). She is an iPhone newbie, and a lover of photography, so I think she needs this Olloclip iPhone camera lens.
Olloclip 4-in-1 iPhone camera lens

(I am forever trying to convince her to sell her photos. I think she'd make more doing that than making violins!)

And I've been good this year. So what do I want?
And these.
And I can just give up all hope now.

Get shopping!